Wat Doi Saket project – Teaching Thai hill-tribe children

Hello my name is Sapphire or Boon in Thai บุญ meaning merit and goodness. I have been teaching English in a small district outside of Chiang Mai city for over a month now.  I teach at a small public school which consists mostly of hill-tribe children.

I really enjoy teaching hill tribe children. They really are a delight. They have all become my friend and also my teacher.  All the children are so full of life, energy, and inquisitive motivation. I teach a mixture of Akha, Hmong, Lisu, Lahu and other hill tribe children. Every moment spent with them is a delight.


I have taught English before in Thailand. However, no teaching has ever been so rewarding, fun, and meaningful as teaching at this school.  The children love to touch, stare, and speak. They find me fascinating, especially my blue eyes and white skin. The children are so appreciative, full of laughter, smiles, and love.
I devised a certificate scheme. I give the children a certificate each time they try extra hard, speak clearly, write neatly, and do good roll play. When a child has 5 certificates then I give them a big bar of chocolate and cookies. It encourages them to aim high.


What surprised me the most, was unlike in western countries where competing is common and almost encouraged, the Thai hill tribe students would and do encourage and help each other. The top student of the day would sit outside and help the other students with their homework. What a blessing and delight to observe.


Many of the children are orphans and live in various hill tribe foundations. Today I had the privilege of visiting one of the foundations, similar to a small orphanage. It is called House of Hope and it’s part of the Thai-Lahu Foundation and I was delighted to see familiar faces. The children still all beamed with glowing smiles and shining eyes. I asked the children if they were happy and they all said yes.


I enjoyed watching the children fish for fish in the rice fields! At this Foundation home the children learn to grow rice, vegetables, raise livestock, and fish. I didn’t expect the children to collect fish from the flooded rice fields! However, it was a wonderful unique experience.
I love teaching in Chiang Mai, the north of Thailand. The weather is very warm and the life is very relaxed and nourishing. Thai foods are delicious and so fresh. I would definitely recommend teaching with the Wat Doi Saket project. It is a unique exciting adventure full of wonderful experiences and sharing. Once you come you will be made a local celebrity and become part of the family!  You will be welcomed to join in and experience all the wonderful ceremonies and cultural events, of which there are many.


Blessings of Thailand and the smiley eyed Thai hill tribe children are waiting for you to come and join in the fun!



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