ATMA SEVA – PR tour part 2

For the second part of our PR tour, the ATMA SEVA team went to Chiang Mai, then Anu traveled to Bhutan, and we finished in Bangkok.

In Chiang Mai we met with the monks from Wat Doi Saket and discussed two big projects.  ATMA SEVA has had a long relationship with Wat Doi Saket and each year we continue to make forward progress and continue to build trust.  The monks have become very comfortable conveying their needs and areas in which ATMA SEVA can help.  This is the type of relationship we strive to achieve where there is mutual trust and always an open dialogue.  Our two projects are still top secret, but we will be sharing the good news very soon!

Anu traveled to Bhutan to meet with many foundations and also our local partner.  Our intention is to develop very unique and worthwhile trips within Bhutan.   As always, the goal is to expose people to the real nature and lifestyles of the country, while making sure not to disrupt or harm the culture in any way.  We are also assessing the needs of the country to see if there are areas in which ATMA SEVA can help.  Stay tuned for our new Bhutan programs which will be available soon.

Bhutan is a country with a culture that has been seemingly untouched and undisturbed.  A very unique aspect to the country is their GNH (Gross National Happiness) project.  Bhutan is very committed to promoting happiness and well being within their country.  This is a very foreign concept, especially for the Western mind where capitalism and other monetary rankings seem to take precedence.

To complete our PR tour we ended in Bangkok for several follow up meetings.  Overall this trip was successful and we continued to make the necessary connections in order to achieve our goals.

As stated in Part 1, ATMA SEVA is now on Chapter 2 and we are excited to run this organization with two ultimate goals:

1) Run and offer extremely positive and unique programs.


2) Continue our sustainable development work and bring about change that is needed and wanted within the communities we work with.  This will be accomplished through our partnerships.

Follow ATMA SEVA on all our social media to stay in the loop about all our programs and work we are doing!





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