Photography corner – Wat Palad, Chiang Mai

We are adding a new category to our blog called ‘Photography corner’!  It will consist of photo’s from various locations in Northern Thailand and Bhutan.  Some locations will be well known while others will be off the beaten track.  Please comment and if you have tips or advice for amateur photographers we would love to hear from you.


-The ATMA SEVA team

This entry is from Wat Palad which is roughly half way up Doi Suthep mountain.  It is a temple not many tourists know about or visit.  It is a stunning temple though, nestled right into the jungle and it offers excellent views of Chiang Mai.  It has a very enchanted aura which is amplified by the sounds of the waterfalls.  The combination of Buddha statues, lush green jungle, waterfalls, and city views is enough to warrant a visit to this special Wat.

Photos by David Poppe


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