An unfolding life in simple stories

I have no idea exactly why, but I have been avoiding writing altogether. I am cruising through life right now, no specific direction, taking it as it comes. So, my  writing might be exactly the same for now, some random thoughts and experiences.

Last time I mentioned I was going to do a Solo Meditation Retreat – and I did. It was nothing like what my brain had imagined. I thought I could get there and get ‘right on it’, but truth is that it took me a couple of days to ‘slow down’.

My original plan was to just spend time alone in meditative silence for a few days…but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was not to be utterly alone; Phra Me had asked Phra Saran to be my lead meditator teacher, for it is not recommendable to do a solo retreat without the guidance…

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