Photography Corner – Lawa village part 2

Here is part 2 from the most recent trip up to the Lawa village.  (Click here to see part 1)

The main highlight from the second part of the trip was the first day of teaching and English class!  The whole reason for this trip was to help Katherine (current intern) get set up and acclimated, as she will be living and teaching in the village for two months.  Thursday (November 1) was the day the school re-opened after winter break.  Katherine had the chance to introduce herself to the whole school and we had a meeting with all the teachers to introduce ourselves and sort out details.

The teaching was a blast and since we had four English speakers there that day we decided to prepare a special activity.  It is similar to ‘speed dating’ and we had the four English speakers at separate tables and the children had to sit with each person and practice a set of four introductory questions and also ask four questions.  This way the children got lots of repetition and also the chance to see and hear different accents.  The children had lots of fun with the activity.

We also started an English class for the adults in the evenings.  Thursday night was the first class and twelve adults came.  We believe more will come later, because currently this is the time of year when the village harvests rice, so everyone is working very hard.  We started with the very basics, going over the ABC’s and the numbers.  The adults had a great time trying to pronounce new sounds and practice basic conversation.

Stay tuned for Katherine’s next blog which will be all about her experiences in the village and school!

Photos by David Poppe


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