Photography Corner – Wat Lok Molee

Located just north of the Old City, Wat Lok Molee is a lesser-known temple in Chiang Mai, recognized for its large stupa, hidden charms and unique grounds full of statues, relics and mosaics.

The first structures were built in the 14th century and is said to have housed Monks from Burma who stayed at the temple to help spread Theravada Buddhism to Thailand.  The Stupa, one of the largest in Chiang Mai, is left unadorned and reminiscent of the old Lanna Kingdom. The spectacular Stupa holds the ashes of Phra Muang Kaew and his family, the Lanna king in the early part of the 16th century who commissioned the building.

This Wat is definitely worth a trip for its architecture, calm atmosphere, and the statues and figurines throughout the grounds. From a carved wooden elephant statue, Vishnu statues, and wall mosaics, it is easy to spend time just walking around. Although this temple is not often visited by tourists, it it still a beautiful temple that is worth the trip outside the city walls.


Photographs by: Alexis Taylor


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