ABC’s and essays. Teaching mixed level TEFL classes!

Some good ideas for dealing with mixed level TEFL students in the classroom! This can be a major challenge, especially with large classes and when students aren’t grouped according to ability level. Check out this blog for some good tips!


AdaptiveABC’s and essays. Teaching mixed level TEFL classes!

Classes with mixed level students are something that every TEFL teacher will come across sooner or later. So, how can you make sure that both types of students learn in your class without anyone getting bored, insecure or left behind?

Here at i-to-i we’ve trained over 120,000 ESL teachers and have a trick or two up our sleeve when it comes to mixed level classes:

1)      Make two versions of the same task. Let’s say that your topic is adjectives and the weather.

Advanced Task: Split the advanced students into 2 teams. Tell each team to write and act out a group presentation using 15 weather adjectives.

Beginner Task: Give students a worksheet with common English adjectives. Get them to make sentences about the weather with a partner.

*You’ll need to monitor the beginner class more carefully as their limited English could…

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