About Me – Greetings from Bhutan

My name is Jigme Namgyel and I am 24 years old and I am a research intern with ATMA SEVA. My parents are from Bumthang, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bhutan. I grew up in Wangduephodrang, a place well known for its windy weather, and for that reason, most people nick named it ‘Windy-phodrang’. I completed highschool from Bajothang Higher Secondary School in Wangduephodrang in 2008 and then got an opportunity to enroll in the country’s oldest College, Sherubtse College. I received a Bachelor Degree in Political science and Sociology in 2012, although back in 2009 I didn’t have a clue which course I would be studying for the next three years. It turned out to be a very interesting course, especially Sociology, which developed in me a passion for writing. I learnt how to express myself better through words, which is the reason why I named my blog ‘Potency of Words’.

Jimmi3706I created this blog to encourage myself to keep writing because I realized that many people give up their passion as soon as they graduate from college, especially when it’s related to writing. My blog is unknown to the rest of the world, a secluded one perhaps, but it means a lot to me. It allows me write what I want, or helps define who I am. Being influenced by one of my friends, I developed this habit of blogging while I was in college. Back then I didn’t know how it works and I spent several days learning the basics.

Jimmi3639Photography is another ardor that I loved the most. I find taking picture of places and people around as something very amusing. It helps me relive and embellish my past; indeed a jovial mood festers in me whenever I go through them. Apart from those, playing guitar and drawing (sketching) are also my favorite pastimes.

Image1940Currently I don’t have a permanent job. It was through an advertisement that I ran across the internship offered by ATMA SEVA. The description they have provided was clear enough and looked like a lot of fun to me, since it required writing (mostly about Bhutan) and obviously photography. I did not apply for this internship for any reasons other than saving the urge in improving my writing zeal further. For a fresh graduate, I don’t consider money the most important priority. Benefits such as short commuting and flexibility mean just as much as salary. I was looking for a position where my contributions count and my efforts will be appreciated and hopefully those could lead to a long time commitment. Therefore, I applied for this internship with all my dedications towards putting my abilities to the fullest.

Jigme Namgyel, research intern




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