Hz Mass donating songs to ATMA SEVA

ATMA SEVA has recently been publishing several videos and sometimes faced difficulties when using songs submitted to copyrights. A generous and talented young musician has helped us with this problem by allowing us to use his songs for our videos. He has even edited some of his songs to adapt them to ATMA SEVA’s needs. His stage name is Hz Mass. His style mixes rock music from the 70’s, funk, groove, blues, hip hop, cuban rythms, electronic music and poetry. Hz Mass releases solo home-made albums sometimes featuring other artists. He uses his raspy voice, his musical talent and his computer skills to develop a unique sound.


Hz Mass was not always Hz Mass. Born in France and raised in Angoulême, Simon Fonchin has learnt violin and guitar from a young age. He has also learnt how to play piano, bass guitar, harmonica and other instruments, mostly by himself. As a teenager he created a rock music band and played at his high-school and in his city. After finishing high-school Simon traveled in Scotland and found inspiration in Edinburgh, that is why he released his first home-made albums under the name “Sci-Fi in Edinburgh”.


While studying political science in Toulouse Simon has been playing and singing on stage with The Hertz for almost 4 years. He was a composer and a lead singer playing the bass and the guitar. With 3 singers, 2 drums sets, one piano, one guitar, one bass guitar, and one saxophone, The Hertz were playing a mix of rock, funk and groove. They had a solid group of fans and were famous among Toulouse university students for making their audience dance at every concert. However The Hertz has never released any album and decided to split in May 2013, after a last concert.


During his years in Toulouse and while traveling abroad Simon released 4 of his main solo home-made albums under his new stage name Hz Mass (Hz was probably inspired by The Hertz). In his first album, Soft Britain, Hz Mass proposed acoustic covers of his favorite songs along with his own songs. He also showed his taste for sampling with the song Paris.

The core of his second album, Orpheus Walks, are three beautiful songs telling the story of this ancient hero. However it also contains great blues, funk, hip hop and electronic songs.

In his 3rd album, Despair E.P, Hz Mass tells a story through 5 ground-breaking songs, experimenting new sounds every 20 heart beats.


Hz Mass is now promoting his 4th album, The Break, made in Paris. It is a very promising album with a perfect alchemy of rock, funk, electro and hip hop. We encourage you to listen to The Break and be one of the firsts to discover Hz Mass’s music overseas. You might also recognise a song that ends this ATMA SEVA video.

You can also like Hz Mass’ facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/HzMass

Stay tuned as more videos featuring Hz Mass songs will be published.  Thank you so much HZ Mass!!!!

The ATMA SEVA team




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