New Video – Teaching at Buddhist temples

Check out our latest video which features the Wat Doi Saket project! The WDSP places volunteers to live and teach conversational English at Buddhist temples in Northern Thailand.  This video is a look into the experience!

Video shot and produced by: Antoine Gratian

New video – Plekwiwek Dhamma center

Check out our new video, produced by on-site intern Antoine Gratian, about the Plekwiwek Dhamma Center! This is one of the locations that the Wat Doi Saket project is working with and placing volunteers!

Watch the video to learn more about this truly unique project and location!


New video – Lawa Village

Check out the latest video about our unique Lawa Village program! This video was shot and produced by our talented on-site intern Antoine Gratian.  All details about this program can be found here.

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New video – Buddhist monk ordination

This is an ordination ceremony that took place at Wat Doi Saket in June 2013.  Hope you enjoy the video and check out our Wat Doi Saket project if you are interested in volunteering at Buddhist temples!

*Video shot and edited by Antoine Gratian*


Photography Corner – Rocket Festival at Wat Doi Ku

This past Saturday, the ATMA SEVA team visited Wat Doi Ku in Doi Saket district for a very unique local festival. The Wat hosted a Rocket festival, where large bamboo rockets about fifty feet in length were shot into the air.  The festival is held to ask for lots of rain for the upcoming planting season.  The rockets are designed and created by different groups and tested against each other for greatest height and how straight the rocket flies.  A similar festival is also held in Issan province in North east Thailand, featuring a grand display of rockets and fireworks. This year the festival drew a large crowd and of course local food and drink carts were there to accommodate. Watching the rockets blast over the peaceful mountain backdrop was quite a sight to see and we hope you enjoy the pictures and video!

(1:27 start of Rocket Festival)